What do you want to see of Fuji City, Japan?

This week I'd like to do something a little different here on the blog.  There are plenty of things that I haven't touched on concerning life in Japan, but given that I've been here for over six months now, a lot of it has just started to become normal to me and I don't think to mention it.  So that's where you come in my friends and family. What questions do you have concerning life in Japan?  Maybe what's a popular fast food restaurant? Or maybe just what my grocery store looks like.  Leave your questions or requests in the comments section of this post, or just e-mail me at kramersemail@gmail.com .


Summer vacation has fully kicked in and I'm off for the entirity of August.  That also means I'm going to be bouncing around all of Japan for the next month, away from my computer (for the most part).  My parents and brother arrive tomorrow, my friend (Jonathan) Roig is coming a week after them, and two weeks after him my girlfriend Stacy will be here.  So expect very little, if any, posts between now and September. FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS PARTY TONIGHT