Let's Talk About Where I Work

Tamarack Lodge was built in 1924 by the Foy family from Los Angeles, on whom the Bob Hope movie "The Seven Little Foys" was based. The family used the house as a place to entertain guests from Hollywood. In 1927, Lloyd B. Austin bought the property and would subsequently own it for the next twenty years. It was during this time that cabins started being built, fishermen during the summer and skiiers in the winter. At the time there were no roads to Mammoth Lakes, so all transportation in the winter was via dog sled, snowshoe or ski.
Over the decades, the lodge changed owners a number of times. Cross country skiing was added to the resort in the 70s and The Lakefront Restaurant in the 80s. Today the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area owns and operates Tamarack Lodge.
As it stands now, Tamarack Lodge has over 30 cabins and over 10 rooms in the lodge. Virtually all of the cabins are unique to each other. There are studio, one, two and three bedroom cabins, all with kitchens, most with fireplaces. One of the biggest attractions to the lodge is The Lakefront restaurant (a lot of people tell me that it's the best restaurant in town, and I honestly agree with them), which you can find out more about and see a menu by clicking here.
Cabin 11 is out premier 3-bedroom cabin.
The studio cabins are quite quaint.
A 1-bedroom cabin.
Cabin 25, a 2-bedroom, is one of my favorites.
The interiors of many of the cabins have recently been renovated, a necessity as many of the cabins date back to the early 1950s.
Some of the cabins have absolutely fantastic views.
Tamarack Lodge is located directly across from the Twin Lakes, which has great fishing and beautiful views.
You can even have weddings on the property.
It really is a beautiful place and it's pretty great that this is what I see everyday when I get to work.