I've Moved!

Since my last post in May, I've made a few moves. After staying with my parents in Miami for a few months, I packed up my things and drove across the country to Los Angeles where my friend Jonathan let me crash on his couch while I looked for work. Work was no more forthcoming there than in Miami. So after I while I broadened my search to outside the LA area. Part of that search was to a number of ski resorts, and to my surprise I was offered most of the jobs that I applied for (some that I wasn't particularly qualified for either). Of those offers, I accept one in Mammoth Lakes, California at Tamarack Lodge.

Ever since I went snowboarding in Nagano I have been thinking about how much I'd like to live in a ski resort town and be able to enjoy both the drastic change in scenery from Florida as well as be able to go snowboarding whenever I'd like, no just for a few days. This is why after I kept running dry on my searches in Los Angeles I switched over to ski resorts.

Mammoth Lakes is a small town, population 8,000, one large grocery store, there is no door-to-door mail delivery (everyone in town as a P.O. box) and every one seems to to know everyone. A lot of people seem surprised that there are ski resorts in California, but not all of California is beaches and sun tans. There are mountains galore all over the state, just as well, the northern border of the state is more north of all of Colorado, Salt Lake City and even Chicago. There are actually more than 30 ski resorts all over the state of California.

My job here in Mammoth is that of Front Desk Clerk at Tamarack Lodge. Tamarack Lodge is located a few miles outside of town on Twin Lake. The main draw is our private cabins, ranging from studios to three bedrooms, a lot of people come to Tamarack to get away from the buzz of the main village and just relax next to the fireplace. In the winter we are a cross-country skiing resort with miles of trails and a staff of Olympic athletes. It's honestly a very beautiful place.

A beutiful landscape, a meadow and lake in the foreground and mountains in the background.

This also means that I'm going to be back at making regular posts here at KRMR.com. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section or shoot me an e-mail at KramersEmail@gmail.com .