I'm okay.

There was an earthquake here in Japan today, I'm perfectly okay. It wasn't really that bad here in Fuji. Here's an e-mail I sent to my parents explaining what happened and how it was in Fuji.

I'm sure you've heard, there was an earthquake here in Japan. I'm perfectly ok. It was only a 4 here in Fuji. It was actually my very last day teaching at elementary school, I just finished my very last class and was walking around the halls when an announcement came on the P.A. and teachers started ushering kids into the classrooms to take cover under their desks, not saying anything to me. Then the building started swaying. Didn't really feel like more than the sway of a slow dance, only a little faster, not violent at all. For a moment, part of me even thought that it was some ridiculously high tech drill halfway through. The first tremor lasted about 2 minutes. After it stopped, we evacuated to the P.E. field where heads were counted and announcements were made by the vice principle, then announcements from city hall via the city-wide loudspeaker system. We went back inside so kids could gather their things and go home since school had officially been over for 10 minutes. As we did that another tremor hit, a little weaker and only lasting about 30 seconds. We regrouped again outside, some parents were showing up to pick their kids up, and shortly thereafter the teachers led all the kids back home.

Quite the eventful last day, huh?