Big America Burgers

This is far from news, but something I figured worth sharing. For the second year, McDonald's is selling a series of burgers under the "Big America" title for the first three months of the year. Each burger named and styled after an American location (typically states) and only sold during a certain month.

You'll notice February's burger is none other than the Miami Burger, my own hometown. Now, I haven't eaten any of these burgers, but from the looks of it that looks like no burger or sandwich I'd ever associate with Miami. Nacho/tortilla chips? Some sort of salsa or Sloppy Joe sauce on top of the beef patty? This sounds much more like a TexMex burger.

A real Miami Burger might be something that includes arepaspastelitos, empenadas, skirt steak, adobo seasoning, or black beans. But that sounds like an awful hamburger.

A number of times my students have asked me about the Miami burger and if I've had it. It causes a bit of a controversy every time I tell them that it's a complete lie.

You can take a look at last years Big America burgers here.