Christmas with the Kramers

After living in Japan for 9 months straight, I went back home for the holidays.  Arriving late in the evening on Christmas Eve, I made it in time for the famous Christmas Dinner with lots of family at my parents' house in Miami.

First things first on Christmas morning was a great breakfast with the family.

The main event for Christmas Dinner is obviously the dinner.  My dad is really an amazing cook and he handles a good majority of the food prep, that's him there in the red.

While there was no white Christmas in Miami, thankfully there was no rain, which was a welcome change.  Great weather, great food, and great company.


A few days before going back to the States, my junior high school had its end of the year party.  Like most all Japanese work parties, it was mostly about getting drunk and socializing with your co-workers.  So, naturally, it was great fun, and it explains the following picture.