A Kamakura Day-trip

Saturday, I went for another little day-trip over to Kamakura.

Kamakura is a small (pop. ~170,000) town about 60 kilometers/40 miles from Tokyo, or an hour by train.

It absolutely has a beach town feel, with plenty of surfboards, faux-VW vans and a slight obsession with Hawaii.

Soon after getting off my train, I stopped into Kua-Aina, a Hawaiian based sandwich chain.  I ate a Mahi-Mahi sandwich with American cheese on a Kaiser roll.  It was heavenly.  ¥1,100 ($13) of heavenly.

But by far the biggest draw that Kamakura has is its Great Buddha.

Built in the 1200s, it's withstood a tsunami and one of Japan's biggest earthquakes.  It truly is beautiful.

A 360-degree view of the famous statue.


Another popular spot in Kamakura is the Buddhist temple Haser-dera.

Kamakura was a great, short little day-trip; made home in time for dinner.