Do Japanese women wear Kimonos?

My Grandfather wrote in with the following:

Wondering if the females [in Japan] still wear kimonos as they did 50 years ago or so, or is it mostly western style clothes these days? The kimonos were very colorful; also, they wore sandal type footwear of different elevation on their feet.

Most Japanese people, especially adults and young children, wear clothes that are fairly indistinguishable from what you would see back in the United States and most other Western countries.  Kimonos are almost only worn on special occasions: weddings, festivals, or anything that has ties to traditional Japan.  I rarely ever see them, coincidentally on my way home yesterday I drove past a group of three women in Kimonos  walking on the sidewalk, and yes they did have the sandals.

Here's a pictures of me with some teachers from my school during the Yoshiwara Gion Festival.  They are wearing "Yukata" which is a light summer style Kimono.

Also, I'll note that men do also wear Kimonos under similar circumstances, however they are typically much more conservative in style with more solid colors.

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