Summer Weather in Japan

Come Again...Never The entire of the month of June and the beginning of July is considered the rainy season here in Japan.  It rains at least two or three days out of the week, but when it rains it doesn't just go hard for about 3 hours then stop, most of the time it rains for the entire day, and often through to the next day.  Luckily though, it's rarely a heavy rain, medium strength compared to what I'm used to in Miami.  But a lot of the time when it isn't raining the skies are completely gray, as seen in the above photo I took last week.  And because of decreased visibility, I haven't seen Mt. Fuji in weeks.

The official climbing season for Mt. Fuji actually began this month, and ends on the last day of August, so I can't imagine all the people reaching the summit lately have been getting very good views.

Also, because of this wonderful rainy season, it makes doing laundry a huge pain.  As I've mentioned before dryers are extremely uncommon here, and because of the unpredictable weather I can't leave clothes out to dry while I'm at work (any time I think it's going to be sunny and try it out I come home in the rain to soaked clothes) and there's only a small window for me to get them hung out to dry while the sun is still out.  It's actually astounding that a country that prides itself on perfecting anything it can that they are terrible at laundry.