Making my way to Japan

So it's time for a more in depth update.  Let's start from the beginning. My year in Japan started off interesting before I even got there.  Roughly 45 minutes after my flight took off from Miami towards Chicago, the captain announced that we were turning around and heading back to Miami due to a medical emergency with one of the passengers.  I later found out that the emergency was that some guy's appendix burst.

Not surprisingly, us turning around back to Miami caused me to miss my connecting flight from Chicago to Tokyo, which was just great since there were no similar flights that I knew of leaving that day.  After we unloaded the poor appendix man, we headed off again to Chicago, roughly 3 hours after our scheduled departure.  Somehow, an airline miracle happened, while I was in the air, American Airlines staff had placed me on a flight to Tokyo that hadn't left yet because it had been delayed 4 hours.  So, by the time I landed I had a new ticket and was ready to go, as if nothing had happened. I felt like I had won the lottery.

The rest of the trip went flawlessly.  I arrived in Tokyo wonderfully, had no problems with customs and all of my luggage arrived safe and sound.  From there I headed to Tokyo Station where I caught the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Hamamatsu, where I began my training.

Tokyo form Shinkansen

Unfortunately, this is all I've seen of Tokyo (well, this and the inside of the airport and train station).  I've been really busy with training and getting setup to live, but I plan on giving it a proper visit as soon as I possibly can.

More on how busy I've been in my next blog post.