Photo Update: September 6, 2012

The sunsets on Hongdae.

This Mario Kart ad is just perfect.

This here is the color pallete of the senior citizens of Seoul. The women especially love the pink.

After returning from a field trip we have our students make a picture of what we saw and did on the field trip. I asked one of my students drawing this picture "who is the tall lady with the freaky legs?" Sally replied with "that's not a lady, that's you Jon teacher"..."Why am I crying?" "I don't know."

At a temple in the heart of Seoul.

It's a beautiful place that is surrounded by huge buildings, but once you are on the grounds it a bit as if you are far away from Seoul.

Hongdae Playground, where there are more often live music events than children using the slide.

At the opening of Rhythm & Booze in Suwon, a sattelite city to the south of Seoul.

A percussion group parades through the main drag of Hongdae on a Friday night.

Me at the Boryeong Mud Festival.