Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower is with out a doubt the city's big landmark. Unfortunately, there really isn't much competition and it's easily overshadowed by all of the other, much more spectacular, towers of the world. But this one is Seoul's, and it's quite indicative of the city. Still struggling to find an identity of its own. Officially CJ Seoul Tower, after its corporate owner, it's located directly in the middle of the city and on of one of the city's largest mountains, Namsan, it is often very visible around town.

Naturally, Seoul Tower is a big draw for tourists. But it is increasingly becoming a target destination for couples to come and be romantic. Specifically they come to lock a padlock to the railings that surround the lower portion of the tower, symbolizing their commitment to each other. They are all over the place before you enter the actual tower, now officially endorsed by the tower, who sells locks, has specially designed love lock trees and even advertises it as a place for couples to commit to each other.

People will even lock larger objects as well, such as cell phone cases and fans, for a larger space on which to write.

To give you an idea of what popular attractions look like anywhere in Seoul, here are people observing a traditional Korean weapons demonstration in front of the tower.

The view from the top is magnificent and really gives you an idea of the lay of Seoul. Modern towers next to older houses and almost nothing older than 60 years old.

The very same view at night. A completely different feeling.