Photo Update: July 13, 2012


The sun setting on a Hongdae side-street.

Construction of a new apartment building in Sinchon.

9:00 AM on a Tuesday, Sinchon. I love how he took the time to take off his shoes as if this were is home.


Seoul is often under an overcast sky and this is actually what the sun setting over Jongno, downtown Seoul, looked like in person. It was bizarre to be able to look directly at the sun when it was still relatively high up in the sky. That's how overcast it can get in Seoul.

Seoul City Hall is a beast.

This green house in the depths of Hongdae reminds me of the Caribbean.

On the way to Boramae park.

Highways often have streams underneath them, or is it the other way around?

There are typically pathways next to those streams and people will picnic and drink on the banks.

An art installation at Hongik University.