Saturday Hongdae Free Flea Market

A Hongdae side street with numerous restaurants, cel phone shops and women's clothing stores.

The rooftop view.

Hongdae as seen from its namesake, Hongik University.

Looking out from my buddy Dohoon's Japanese curry restaurant, Kareo, in Hongdae.

He asked me what I wanted to eat, "make me whatever you want," I replied.  He took out a package from under the counter and began to create the most dressed up instant ramen I'll ever eat. Using homemade stock and mixing some of the packaged ingredients along with his own fresh market supplied produce.

The final result. Outstanding.

The sun is shining in the nieghborhood.

A seafood and agricultural market near Seoul World Cup Stadium (South Korea co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup with Japan).

Chef and owner of "Mad Chef," Chan-woo, looking at some produce.

There was an endless supply of kimchi'd foods. Here we have kimchi crabs.

Kimchi garlic stems, which are out of this world, crazy delicious.