The Snow Has Come

The Korean phrase for "it's snowing" is "눈 와요," "noon wah-yo," literally translating as "snow coming." This past week, the snow has most definitely come and with the daily high temperatures well below freezing, it's here to stay for a while.

My girlfriend took this photo at Hanyang University the first day that the snow came down last week.

A typical street-side food vendor serving up warm food and refuge from the white stuff.

Much of my neighborhood has a nice white blanket now.

These two security guards in front of Sogang University were having little snow sweeping competitions in front of the nativity scene.

It might be time for me to invest in shoes meant for the snow.

In the summer, this cafe always seemed like a bad idea, but I guess they bank on those 4-6 months of freezing cold, "holy crap I need to get warm as soon as possible" weather in Seoul.

I'm not entirely sure I get umbrellas for the snow.

I headed to Bongeun Temple in Gangnam (yes, that Gangnam) at dusk to check out how snowy the placed looked. The juxtaposition is awesome.

I arrived just as the sunet was finishing setting, and all the way up until the sun disappeared a group of monks were under this pavillion ringing gongs, drumming and making some generally fantastical music.

Not sure what this dude's job was. His hut was deep into the temple complex on a snowy path that led to nowhere.

Even though before I moved to Seoul I lived in a ski resort, I feel this is the first time that I am getting the feeling that I live in a snowy place. I'm seeing a different, snowy version of the places I see all the time, similar to when spring came I saw a more leafy, green version of everything. It's neat, and I'm actually liking the snow...for now, I may soon grow to hate it. But for now, it's gorgeous.